Monday, May 17, 2010

Did you recently became a PR? April 7, 2010

For those new PR you need to update the following to change your personal details of your FIN to NRIC.
Company or Agency

Let me know if i missed something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jel,

Ask ko lang sana kung particular ang MOM or ICA in terms of date of application. I mean mas mahirap b mag apply at ma-approve ang PR or DP lalo n kapag patapos n ang taon. I'm planning on applying for DP, would it be better to submit it even on the last quarter of the year or January next year n lang. Thanks

Jel said...

Well may quota sila ng no of PR approvals per year. Kung kelan nagrerefresh at kung ilan i don't know. Pero i must warn you na medy mahirap ang PR application ngyon. Mostly rejected yung mga friends ko na nagapply kahit ung mga babies nila mapa lalaki or babae kahit PR pa yung parents. My friend speculated na bka dahil malapit ang election d2 sa singapore (2012) kaya pinagbibigyan ang reklamo ng mga citizens nila. Again, speculation ng friend ko yun.

Sa Dependent pass naman i think hindi sila strict dun. Yearly kasi yun e. Dagdag income din cguro sa knila.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jel,

Thanks for the info. I also tried PR application last May but also denied. Hirap nga talaga.

John Papers said...

Thank you for sharing this information..