Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Carriers anyone? December 8, 2009

For me it's a must for people who travels. It's safer for the baby since both hands are free to support yourself in case you fell.

Imagine carrying your baby without carrier then you tripped, instinctively you'll let go of the baby to support your fall. If you carried your baby using the baby carrier you can support your fall without letting go of your baby.

Choose a trusted brand or do an online search to check on reviews. However it's not advisable to use this everytime.

Some don't recommend using the baby carrier 2 hrs straight. we bought the one with the Lying Position if we need to feed her.

Be warned though that some baby still prefers to be handcarried. Make sure to follow instructions and safety precautions.

Do also share your own experiences with your baby carrier.


deopongkeith said...

bro, don't use the baby carrier often, masasakang c baby... it's best if we just carry them...

Jel said...

may limit lang din ung carrier kung ano max weight it supports. ndi na nga sya kasya dun sa pahiga e. ginagwa na lang naming higaan nya pag pinapadede.
Pero we're definitely using it sa travel para safe. Matalisod man at least makakatukod pa since libre ung 2 kamay.

John Papers said...

Thanks for this post.