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Finally, certified "Tatay" December 8, 2009

My Wife and I are pretty much convinced that our first child is my New Year's gift to her. It was around February when i got home from work where i experienced the most pleasant surprise from Wife when she came out of the toilet saying "Jel,i'm pregnant...".

It's quite funny because i think she doesn't know what kind of emotion she's going to convey. I asked her if she's sure since i don't want to be disappointed. I'm so ready to be a Dad already.

Unlike in the movies 2 pregnancy test kit are accurate enough for us. It would make more sense to confirm it in an actual clinic.
Next day is saturday so we searched online and asked recommendations from friends for a Female Gynecologist however first lesson we learned...Call for appointment in advance. You can walk-in but you'll have to wait for a couple of hours and most of the doctors recommended to us are fully booked alreaady and won't accept walk-ins.

Finally we found a Male Gynecologist in Thomson Medical Center. We were so excited that we don't want to put off the check-up for any other day. Seeing the first ultrasound of my baby is indescribable even she's no bigger than a 5 pesos coin. I can't help smiling throughout the session.

Here in Singapore Male Gyne are not bad since they do Ultrasound almost everytime to check the baby.

Throughout the pregnancy sometimes i hoped the baby would grow faster like Renesme in the Twilight book minus the gore. Luckily the effects of pregnancy to my Wife is minimal physically and emotionally.

I think the most trouble that she experienced is constipation. She's already constipated before so she needs to up the ante on the fibre department. We also feared her clumsiness so from that time in the bathroom were she almost slipped i always make sure that we shower together.

Every checkup day is a happy day for me since i could take a glance again at my baby and see how she's developing. I think most first time parents would mutter to themselves "So...this is how it feels like".

My Wife went back to the Philippines on her 7th month. Airline limits the travelling of pregnant women to 30 weeks. However this might not be the case on some airlines.
You have to bring the medical certificate from your Gynecologist also.

Her due date is Oct. 10 so i booked a flight on Oct. 8. But it seems that my baby is ready to see the outside world and she came knocking around 6am of Oct. 3.

My Wife still managed to inform me that she's already on labor. They rushed her to the humble clinic of her Gynecologist where her sister and cousin delivered their own child.

It's past 3pm already and she still hasn't delivered my baby. I started to get nervous. Her mother called to inform me that dilation is still 5cm. My Wife is already asking for a ceasarian however the doctor told them that they will wait for another hour, if not they will rush her to the nearby hospital for ceasarian. They will just inform my parents once they hit the 10cm mark.

My imagination ran wild. 4:30pm, 5pm, 5:30pm still no call. I was going to call her mother on 6pm but then i she called first. I thought it was her was my father instead.

And at that very moment i stopped breathing. "You have a daughter!" he said. I asked him "How in the world you got there so fast?" From Antipolo to Muntinlupa it only took them 45 minutes and it's afternoon.

I guess my Mother-in-law forgot to inform me that around 5pm they already called my parents. At the very instant that my father and father-in-law arrived at the clinic my baby is delivered.

A healthy 7.11 pounds baby girl and her name is Jelene Margaux To-ong. Jel for Jelmarven, ene for Magdalene where my Wife's name, Madel, came from and Margaux from the character in the book Sunday's at Tiffany's by James Patterson. My wife nicknamed her Maije.

Things i learned so far...
- Be prepared. My Wife has a checklist of the necessary things to purchase in anticipation of the delivery. I'll post it separately
- How to properly carry a baby (support head and back). Her head is still very soft.
- 1st month to 2nd month her milk formula (Similac Advance 0 to 6 months) is for 3oz = 1.5 scoop, 2oz = 1 scoop, 1oz = .5 scoop
- How to properly clean and change diaper
- Using baby wipes, wipe from genitalia to buttocks so the grit will be away from her genitalia
- Apply Bottom butter to prevent rashes before replacing diaper
- Bottom butter works on neck rashes too!
- Stretch mark creams did not work on my Wife (it also doesn't mean it will not work on others)
- Use distilled water for the milk (not purified or mineral and specially not tap water)
- Help your Wife on everything (she just went through the most exhausting physical activity she ever experienced)
- Newborn babies are relatively easier to take care since they sleep most of the time. You just need to feed and change her diaper
- Her 1st week will be her first bath and massage
- Newborns cries when its time to change diapers, 2 months and above doesn't so you have to check and know the habits
- Habits don't last
- Ask for help if you need it
- Use alcohol on excess Umbilical cord. It falls of on it's own so don't forcefully remove it
- Don't change the diaper first specially if she just peed or pooped, wait for a couple of minutes for the aftershock (followup pee and poop) unless you want to get sprayed
- Changing mat is advisable
- Drypers are ok however it's noisy when you remove the belt, in EQ you can feel the pee and poop in outer skin. Huggies is our choice.

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