Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting a Maid from an Accredited Agency in Singapore November 15, 2012

For those pondering to get a Maid from an accredited agency here in Singapore, you can check out the information below after my conversation with one of the agencies in Lucky Plaza:

New Maid
Minimum 2 yrs contract
788SGD - Agency fee
53.50SGD - Security bond
267.5 - Medical Insurance
5 months advance worth of salary of maid to be paid to Agency then employer deducts in Maid's Salary.
450SGD starting salary of Maid coming from PH with no SG experience.
500SGD onwards starting salary for transfer maids currently working in SG.

Fyi, 2013 starting salary of maid coming from PH will increase to 500SGD.

If there's a need to replace existing maid
Agency provides 2 replacements within 1 year if replacement is coming from PH.
Need to pay the following
                - 5.5months Adv to be paid to Agency then employer deducts in Maid's Salary
                - 200sgd(singapore processing
                - insur+bond(prorated based on remaining months
                - 200sgd (PH embassy processing)

If maid is returned within 6 months and replacement maid is coming from SG, need to pay 1 month advance to agency only.

Disclaimer: As usual please do your own homework abd double check these information. This information is based on one particular agency only and current as of Nov. 15, 2012. You can get the list of accredited agencies in and check the expiration of their license.