Friday, September 24, 2010

Child born in Singapore to PR parents, September 24, 2010

If you're a Filipino, read on. If not some steps might apply and some might not.

I have a PR friend who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl here in singapore. I asked her husband some of the things that they need to do to process their baby's travel documents and visa.

The hospital where the baby is delivered will give you some sort of temporary visit pass and Report of Birth. This gives you 42 days to apply for her passport which is a requirement for applying long term visit pass or Permanent Residency.

You will need to apply for passport in Philippine Embassy. Babies are prioritized in applying passport. Instead of thumbmark they will get his/her footprint. You will need to pay 187sgd. Processing takes 6 weeks and there's no rush processing. The only requirement is Report of Birth which you will apply together with the passport. Report of Birth requirements are:
- Download Report of Birth form from the website and print 5 copies
- Birth certificate from the hospital
- Passport of parents (original and 5 photocopies)
- Marriage certificate (original and 5 photocopies)

Now you're thinking 42 days is not enough if the passport takes 6 weeks to process. In the embassy they will give you a memorandum which you will need to bring in ICA to extend the visit pass.

I'm not sure if these applies to all regardless if you're a PR or not. Please call Philippine Embassy for clarifications.

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