Friday, December 21, 2007

Road to Singapore

I arrived here in Singapore last Nov. 11, 2007. Thank God i haven't experience any problems in the immigration or in flight (not that i'm expecting it or anything). Maybe i'm just nervous since finally i got to see my Wife (naks!). However i did experience a minor problem in the NAIA.

TIP: Include in your planning to update yourself in the latest immigration law or airport law in both country of origin and destination ex: How much money you are allowed to bring, liquids, knife, etc. Most of this info can be found online.

Anyways in the Singapore Immigration i was asked where i was staying and of course the purpose of my visit. I forgot to get a candy since in the immigration they placed a jar with candies for free. My friends in Singapore asked me to buy a liquor in the Duty Free shop just a couple of steps after the immigration. Alcohols are pretty expensive once you buy it in Singapore. It's cheaper to buy in the Duty Free. However they only allow 1 alcoholic and 1 non-alcoholic purchase per passport. So if you want to buy more be on the lookout for friendly people to ask for a favor for them to purchase on your behalf using their passports.

However i need to exchange my PHP first to SGD. It's a good thing i spotted a fellow PINOY which looked like he's been in Singapore for quite sometime and asked him where i can find a money exchanger in the airport. He politely showed me the way. After that i went back to buy the alcohol.

After 30 mins. my Wife, along with my two friends arrived at the Changi Airport. By the way the airport is nice. Not crowded. We ate at the Burger King inside the airport. Its pretty much the same with what we have in the Philippines.

We took a cab to my new home. In Singapore most of the houses or units are called HDB flats. Ours is a condominium. While in the cab i got to see, for the first time, Singapore. Of course almost instantly I notice the cleanliness and the trees but i find it boring since i can't find anybody walking in the streets. It's very new to me since in the Philippines you can't find a street with no people or person in it or "tambay" (ok i know its exaggeration). I just thought maybe everybody is still in the office or we took the path less traveled or walked. The weather is just the same so that's nice. Actually you can tell that the air is much much cleaner. Cars doesn't emit jet black smoke, as a matter of fact i can't see any emissions. That's good since i have asthma.

Once we arrived at the house i was dumbfounded by the size of it. I was used to living in 30 - 40 sqm. of house and lot so this is new for me. The compound has an olympic size pool, gym, table tennis room and reading room. Veryyyy cool! At least i won't have to pay for going to the gym. After that i forgot what i did...hehe. What i remember is i slept early and left the job hunting for tomorrow morning.

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