Saturday, July 2, 2011

Racial Profiling or Simply Ignorance? July 2, 2011

I just like to share the post of this young professional woman who was harassed, humiliated and traumatized by some Officers in Denpasar Airport when they went for a vacation in Bali, Indonesia. I truly believe that this could have been handled in a totally professional way but from what i read those officers are no short of ignorant and unprofessional in all levels. They should have a code of conduct like how police officers in US handles suspects. They are respectful but emulates authority at the same time. Please do share with everyone you know. I'm sure this does not reflect all Indonesians. I just wish those officers are at least remanded and issue an apology to those they've victimized. Yes i say victimized because although they are doing their jobs, they did not execute it professionally.

Hit the link below:


Chyng said...

thanks Jel, and encourage your friends to share their experience in case they have some.
pinapalampas lang kasi ng iba at di na nirereport..

Jel said...

No problem..will do :)