Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Philippine Airport Process and Fees October 13, 2010

I just want to share the process that we went through in NAIA Terminal 3 when we recently came back from Philippines to Singapore. Our carrier is Cebu Pacific.

1. X-ray and metal detectors (All baggages including mobile phones, documents and wallets needs to go through).
2. Pay Travel tax located at the far right of the terminal
3. Check-in at the Cebu Pacific counter (Max for check-in is 15kg while hand carry is 7kg. You are allowed to bring extra hand bag or laptop).
4. Pay terminal fee,
5. Fill-up departure card (for all passengers)
6. Immigration
7. X-ray and metal detector (remove shoes, belts, blings and pocket contents)

Travel Tax
For PR's and Long term visit pass - 200php
Work Permit, SPASS and EPASS are exempted (Must have OEC)

Terminal Fee
For PR's and Long term visit pass - 750php
Babies, Work Permit, SPASS and EPASS are exempted (Must have OEC)


dale said...

Tulungan mo naman ako or refer mo naman ako work dito sa sg

Jel said...

what job are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

Jel, my wife is coming back here in singapore nxt month.. last march pumunta n sya dito with auth IL, do i need to get another auth IL for her?or pwede na lang gmitin un gnmit nya nun march? she's just staying for 6 days to celebrate our wed anniv..thanks in advance..

Jel said...


You can call Philippine Embassy in Singapore and ask if you can still reuse the Authenticated IL.

Anonymous said...

hi jel..just want to ask regarding IL po going SG..My friend is only 3 mos working in SG.. Puede na po ba sya kumuha IL for me kahit bago lang sya dun?..Thanks!

Jel said...

Yes, iregardless of how long they've been working, as long as they have valid work pass, they can get IL.

Anonymous said...

Hi jel hope u can help...i juz been sa sg for 20 days juz recently snd from their im here back in philippines for a week...i was in sg for 20 days with my frends for holiday but this time since i know much of sg places my bf from other country and I decided to spend our holiday sa question is ok lng b sa immigration na mag entry me ulet sa sg after 2weeks p lng n nkklipas n gling me sa sg as well or i have to wait for sometime to entry sg again ?may certain limit b ang visitor n pumasok s sg especially on my case i already stayed theur for 20 days snd i planning to come their or entry sg juz to spend holiday with my foreignes bf?? Pls advice me need ur reply adsp as we are planning to sg i have roundtrip ticketl and booking hotel as well as our requirements to go their...thank u COLEEn

Jel To-ong said...

You have to check with Bureau of Immigration kung may rule na ganun. I don't know anyone with similar case as you kaya hindi ko masasagot yan.