Monday, April 7, 2008

In Re-applying Denied EPEC April 7, 2008

For those of you whose not familiar with EPEC it is a long term social visit pass for foreigners who wants to look for a job in Singapore. You can stay for 2 years. The cousin of my Wife applied for EPEC last December and got denied at the same
month. She re-applied in January and the EPEC was approved. Now i asked her what changes she made in her application that made the difference. She told me she changed her job title to something much simpler and commonly used here in Singapore.
Her first application she indicated here job title as "Senior supervisor assistant in purchasing" which at first glance doesn't look too bad. The 2nd application she changed it to "Buyer" and got approved. I asked her again why did she chose the
word "Buyer". She said she got it from job sites and this title are more commonly used here in Singapore. As simple as that can change the outcome of your EPEC application. Certainly knowing the market and its details will improve your chances in landing a job here in Singapore. Almost everything can be found online anyways so there's no excuse for doing your homework.

Good luck and God bless!

First time filling your tax? Read on...

April 7, 2008

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) website contains some useful information.

They say filling of tax lands mostly on April. This year (2008) for tax filling for the year 2007 the due date is April 15.

Some say it's very easy to file your tax here since you can do it online. If you are eligible to file IRAS will send you a letter or your company/agency will send you the FORM IR8A which will contain the salary they have given you in 2007 to remind you that you need to file.

Now i got this from their website when i was asking myself "Who is eligible to file?". Browsing to their website i found out my category which is Individuals (For foreigners) > If you work in Singapore > If you are in Singapore for less than 183
days. (URL:

Do I have to file tax? (URL:

You will need to file if you have received a paper form (Form B1/B/M) or a letter from IRAS inviting you to e-File.

Did not receive anything?
Even if you have not received any notification from IRAS to e-File, you need to file if:
=>your income for the previous year is $22,000 or more; and/or
=>you wish to claim tax deducted at source in respect of Singapore dividends that you received last year.

Please log in to myTax Portal to e-File your tax return by 15 Apr if you have not received any notification to file your return by 15 Mar.

If you are a new taxpayer who has not submitted any income tax form in the past, and you have not received any notification from us by 15 Mar , please complete and submit the registration form for new taxpayer (43KB) . We will activate your tax
account and send the paper form to you.

Tips to Avoid Penalty Being Imposed (URL:

Income Less Than $22,000
Where an IRAS PIN Mailer / SingPass invitation letter / Income Tax Return has been issued to you, even if you are not liable to tax, you must file by the filing due date. If you have no income, you should declare ‘0’ in the respective income sections of the e-Filing template or Income Tax Return.

I also tried to call their helpline and had a pleasant experience. The "call agent" was very helpful and knowledgeable. For more details, other inquiries or confirmations call 6123-0000 if you're already in Singapore.

It wouldn't hurt to apply for Singpass ID in advance since it's very easy. Just make sure you have your Passport and EPASS Card if you're an EPASS holder or your SPASS card only if your an SPASS holder. The reason for this is because for EPASS
holders the Date of Issue is indicated in the Passport and not in the card. However in SPASS Card it's already indicated there. After the application you will receive your Singpass ID via Mail within 4 working days. You will use this ID for IRAS
transactions which e-filling tax is one of them. For more details go to

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Wedding Anniversary Marche' Mar. 30, 2008

Actually it should be Mar. 31 but since it lies on Monday we opt to celebrate it on the Sunday. I was planning on a setting

up our room for a romantic dinner but that would not be possible since my Wife's cousing and her friend stayed on our room

temporarily until the other room vacated. So i decided to bring her to Marche' in Vivo City. We arrived at about 8pm and i

was surprise that there was a line already but not that long. After 15 minutes we were able to be seated. At the front desk

we were given a card each. This card is used to purchase anything inside. It's like a market inside with different

categories. One part are for drinks (hot and cold), a pastry or bakery, Seafoods, Grill, Salads, Soups, Vegetables and

Desserts. My Wife had Fried Calamari, rice, salad and Freshly squeezed green apple juice. I had Australian Porkloin steak,

rice and lemonade. It was a nice simple dinner, eating while reminiscing. After dinner we stayed outside for a while

overlooking Singapore night lights. There are a lot of lovers around. We went home at about 10pm. What happens next is, of

course, confidential in nature...hehe.

Ministry of Sound Feb. 29, 2008

We planned to go to MOS as early as Feb. 24, 2008. My friends suggested to go to MOS on Friday night. This was my first

disco/bar gimik in Singapore so this has to be a blog-post. After office i went to my Wife's office then we went to Central

Mall in Clarke Quay to have dinner in Burger King. After that we met our friends near the Turkish Ice Cream stand. We waited

for a couple of minutes then we went in at about 10pm. Security checked our bags then we bought ticket inside worth S$17.00

per person. My other friend told me that MOS is pretty pouplar since it has different branches all around the world. He said

it originated in Europe or something. Anyway when we went in there was a huge disco ball lowered in the middle of the dance

floor. We toured the different levels and rooms. Each room caters to different genre. Main dance hall witht he big disco

ball is for techno and house, the other room is Hip-hop and R&B, one room is for 80's music. They have other rooms too for

Smoking. Although you might need a jacket if you're planning to stay inside it longer as they said it was freakingly cold.

Some of the things i learned are the following:

1. If you want to be seated throughout your stay reserve in advance. I don't know how their reservation works but i bet you

need money for that. We tried to get a table around the disco ball but the staff said we need to buy some drinks but not

just any drink. It will cost you around S$40+ but this will not guarantee your seat. If someone already reserved those seats

and once they arrive you need to give it up.

2. Don't bring anything that doesn't fit your pocket if you plan on dancing. No one's going to keep an eye on your stuff

since you and your friends would want to dance together right?

3. Obviously don't bring weapons of any sort.

4. Don't bring foods and drinks from the outside.

5. On regular days (no events) people will only start to come in at about 10pm onwards and usually the party starts at about


It doesn't hurt to be prepared so that you can fully enjoy this experience.