Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ministry of Sound Feb. 29, 2008

We planned to go to MOS as early as Feb. 24, 2008. My friends suggested to go to MOS on Friday night. This was my first

disco/bar gimik in Singapore so this has to be a blog-post. After office i went to my Wife's office then we went to Central

Mall in Clarke Quay to have dinner in Burger King. After that we met our friends near the Turkish Ice Cream stand. We waited

for a couple of minutes then we went in at about 10pm. Security checked our bags then we bought ticket inside worth S$17.00

per person. My other friend told me that MOS is pretty pouplar since it has different branches all around the world. He said

it originated in Europe or something. Anyway when we went in there was a huge disco ball lowered in the middle of the dance

floor. We toured the different levels and rooms. Each room caters to different genre. Main dance hall witht he big disco

ball is for techno and house, the other room is Hip-hop and R&B, one room is for 80's music. They have other rooms too for

Smoking. Although you might need a jacket if you're planning to stay inside it longer as they said it was freakingly cold.

Some of the things i learned are the following:

1. If you want to be seated throughout your stay reserve in advance. I don't know how their reservation works but i bet you

need money for that. We tried to get a table around the disco ball but the staff said we need to buy some drinks but not

just any drink. It will cost you around S$40+ but this will not guarantee your seat. If someone already reserved those seats

and once they arrive you need to give it up.

2. Don't bring anything that doesn't fit your pocket if you plan on dancing. No one's going to keep an eye on your stuff

since you and your friends would want to dance together right?

3. Obviously don't bring weapons of any sort.

4. Don't bring foods and drinks from the outside.

5. On regular days (no events) people will only start to come in at about 10pm onwards and usually the party starts at about


It doesn't hurt to be prepared so that you can fully enjoy this experience.

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