Friday, October 31, 2008

Genting & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Oct. 17, 2008

It's a good thing that we prepared in advance. My Wife's High School friend which is based on Japan had her vacation here in Singapore. She wanted to go to Malaysia since she's in Singapore anyways. We opt to take the 3D2N package Genting/Kuala Lumpur. For weeks we've been searching for the best deal. Me i was pretty particular about the coach. I've heard stories from my friends when they went to Genting. It's 6 hours long drive from Singapore. The coach that they booked has an individual LCD screen where you can choose programs you want to watch. To get the best deal my officemate suggested we go directly to the Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road. These is where most of the coach companies are located (Grassland, Konsortium, Five Stars). Coach companies have their own travel agencies also. Grasslands' package was much more attractive and cheaper than other travel agencies offer but that's understandable.

Oct. 17
Our coach leaves at 7:30am so we must arrive at the Golden Mile Complex 30 mins. before to show our booking to get our tickets and hotel vouchers from the Grassland Travel and Tours. It was on time. Our coach is Royal VIP 21 seater. Seat can be reclined to almost flat. Seat and leg pads can be controlled also.

The LCD screen doesn't turn on until we past the Singapore Immigration. I was dying to watch the in-house movies however to my disappointment i already watched most of the english movies. One category is "Other Movies" where they showcase Malaysian, Thailand movies. No luck from there since there are no english subtitles. So i tried the "Chinese Movies" and thank God most of them have english subtitles. I even saw the movie of Alessandra de Rossi titled "The Maid" which is shot in Singapore.

Getting through Singapore immigration is a breeze. Don't need to bring your bags.

Next stop was the Malaysian Immigration where you need to bring all your stuff since you will go through standard security checks like x-rays and metal detectors. Not as fast in Singapore but not bad also.

3rd stop is like a Food Centre with small shopping mart. My Wife and Jo had a waffle and bought 6pcs donuts.

4th stop is a short one just enough to go to the toilet. It's near the checkpoint which is already in Malaysia.

We arrived at around 2pm at the First World Bus Terminal. You can already feel the cool breeze and mist. I think it's like a counterpart of Baguio in the Philippines minus the Theme Park and Rides.

The first thing to do is to check-in. People are packed during these hours. There's a queue ticket for those who wants to check in. I found some seats and wait for the girls to get the lunch while i wait for our queue number to turn up. We ate our lunch (Kenny Roger's) while we wait. We checked-in at around 3:30pm already. We quickly went to our room so that we can fully enjoy the outdoor and indoor rides. It's drizzling a little bit outside since the rain poured at around 3pm. We started off with the Outdoor rides first. It closes at around 7pm so we thought we still have enough time to complete all the thrill rides before that.

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